Women’s Health

Specialized healthcare for women

Women comprise more than one-half of the U.S. population and are at the heart of family healthcare. A woman’s health is affected by all of the factors that touch her life — her family, relationships, work environment, spiritual values, and community. Research over the last two decades has supported the fact that men and women respond differently to wellness and disease and that gender-focused health assessments, education, and interventions help everyone to be as healthy as possible.


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Specialized diagnostic testing designed for women

Memorial Hospital is committed to the health of the women in our community. Breast health and osteoporosis are just two areas of importance for women. Memorial Hospital has the latest in imaging capabilities for your mammogram or bone density screening needs. When an ultrasound is needed to monitor your baby, or for other gynecological health needs, Memorial Hospital is here for you.

Balanced Nutrition, Just for Women

Memorial Hospital offers Nutritional Support from our registered and licensed dietician. Help is available if you need professional assistance to reach a healthy weight or deal with diabetes or another health issue.

Contact us

For Nutritional Support, make an appointment with Ashlyn Housewright at 217-357-6570 or call the office at 217-357-8599.

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