Stroke Care

When you suspect a stroke, there’s not a second to waste

With strokes, every second makes a difference. The faster treatment is started, the better the patient’s chances of recovery. As an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital, we work with Emergency Management Services and regional hospitals to ensure that the appropriate treatment is initiated right away and carried through.


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Do you know the signs of a stroke?

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association reminds us of these signs that it’s time to call 911:

Remember FAST

Face drooping
Arm weakness
Speech difficulty
Time to call 911

Remember, even if these signs seem to go away, call for help! Rapid care has much to do with the quality of the patient’s long-term prognosis. If you suspect a stroke, a wait-and-see approach is never appropriate.

Memorial Hospital is a certified as an EMERGENT STROKE READY HOSPITAL by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Earning the certification requires Memorial Hospital to meet the standards to support better outcomes by providing early intervention to stroke patients. The eligibility standards include: a dedicated stroke-focused program, qualified medical professionals trained in stroke care, and individualized care to meet stroke patients’ needs.

As an Emergent Stroke Ready hospital, Memorial Hospital is certified, trained and ready to provide quality care to a stroke patient.

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