Gynecology…what is it?

Gynecology is the medical practice dealing with the health and wellness of the female reproductive systems (vagina, uterus, and ovaries) and the breasts. Almost all modern gynecologist are also obstetricians.

Memorial Medical Clinics has a OB/GYN specialist, Dr. Christopher Jones.


630 Locust Street
Carthage, IL

Female diseases that gynecologists can help with:

  • Cancer and pre-cancerous diseases of the reproductive organs
  • Incontinence of Urine
  • Menstrual Periods
  • Infertility
  • Prolapse
  • Infection

Dr. Jones sees patients in Carthage and in Colchester.

To make an appointment with
Dr. Christopher Jones, OB/GYN, FACOG
call 217-357-6560

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