Memorial Medical Clinic Colchester Seeking Local Artists for Newly Renovated Clinic

Memorial Medical Clinic Colchester Seeking Local Artists for Newly Renovated Clinic
August 14, 2023 Memorial Hospital
Memorial Medical Clinic Colchester

Memorial Medical Clinic Colchester is thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for local artists to showcase their talents and contribute to enhancing the newly renovated clinic. Memorial Medical Clinic Colchester invites artists of all ages to donate art pieces, photography works, and other artistic creations honoring the rural community to embellish the walls at the newly renovated clinic.

The call for local artists is a unique chance to infuse the clinic with the vibrant spirit of the community while providing exposure for talented artists. Artists interested in participating are encouraged to submit their works by August 20 to Stephanie Zimmerman or Memorial Medical Clinic Colchester.  Works submitted on August 20 may be delivered to Steph Zimmerman’s photography studio between 1:00-2:00 pm, located at 915 Macomb Street, Colchester. A dedicated online form has been set up at to facilitate this submission process. By using this link, artists can describe the pieces they intend to contribute. If you would like a paper form, you may pick one up at Memorial Medical Clinic Colchester, located at 110 Market Street, or by contacting Stephanie Zimmerman at Each donated piece will have a name tag beneath it that lists the artist’s name.

All pieces must be family-friendly. Please note that Memorial Medical Clinics has the right to decline acceptance of any submitted artwork deemed inappropriate, offensive, or inconsistent with the intended context or purpose. For any questions about artwork or where to donate, please contact Stephanie Zimmerman at or at (309) 238-3620.

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