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Memorial Medical Clinic Outpatient Telehealth

To improve patient experience and access to specialist multidisciplinary care, UnityPoint Health – Memorial Hospital is offering telehealth to clinically suitable patients in our Outpatient Clinics.

What is telehealth? 

Telehealth is a secure video assisted healthcare consultation, achieved remotely via an Internet based video-call application.

This will enable you to see, speak with and hear your clinician during your appointment, almost as though you were there in person.

Who is suitable for telehealth? 

Telehealth is suitable for many patients, if deemed clinically appropriate.

During one of your outpatient clinic visits, your primary care provider will make an assessment based on your needs and will decide whether a telehealth appointment is a suitable option for you.

What are the benefits of telehealth?

By providing telehealth as an option for your healthcare, we aim to improve your access to specialty care not currently available within our clinic setting.

As an alternative to Medical Clinic visits, telehealth can offer significant benefits to patients and families. These may include reducing or eliminating time and costs associated with attending your appointment with a specialist out of town. Those benefits include:

  • Travel time and parking
  • Time waiting on the day of your appointment
  • Work leave or family care arrangements
  • Accommodation

We are proud to offer you telehealth as a flexible, convenient way to support your care journey.

How does it work?

If you are suitable and choose to participate in telehealth, you will join the video-call with your specialist at one of our clinics closer to home that has been approved by UnityPoint Health – Memorial Hospital to provide this service.

We will call you before your scheduled appointment with the date, time and location of your telehealth appointment. Your telehealth appointments will occur in one of the exam rooms at one of the Memorial Medical Clinic locations and you will be joined by a nurse who will help facilitate your consultation and examination.

A nurse assists with assessment and communications, and special stethoscopes and otoscopes allow the specialist in Springfield to see and hear just as if they were in the room. The camera used is of very high resolution, so a dermatologist could potentially diagnose a skin cancer with this technology.

If you need to see the specialist in person, your appointment will take place in Springfield.

Prior to your telehealth appointment, you will check in with our Patient Access staff to ensure insurance and billing information is correct as well as other information typically reviewed when you check in for an appointment.

I'm not comfortable using computers. Can I still use telehealth?

We acknowledge that telehealth is not for everyone and if you prefer, you can still see your specialist in person at their regional outpatient clinic in Springfield.

If you have questions of concerns about using telehealth as part of your care, we encourage you to speak with your primary care provider.

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