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Located at Memorial Medical Clinic on Locust St., Memorial MedSpa provides beauty and wellness treatments designed to enhance how you look and feel about yourself. Our premium, state-of-the-art beauty, and age-defying treatments include face & body skin tightening plus anti-aging & wrinkle reduction. Services include treatments for headaches, back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, foot, hand, TMJ, and pelvic pain. Memorial MedSpa also offers intimacy wellness and vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

The Memorial MedSpa staff consists of experts in the field of regenerative and aesthetic medicine, medical aesthetic treatments, and micro-pigmentation, along with physical therapists. As we age, our bodies can’t generate collagen as fast as it is depleted, causing the skin to lose laxity and firmness. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines form, leaving you with smile lines, crow’s feet, and other bothersome creases.

For the Best Skin of Your life.

Skin Tightening treatments include TempSure® for the face & body, including Envi, Firm, and FlexSure. Anti-aging & wrinkle reduction treatments include SmartSkin®+ & Chemical Peels. Intimacy Wellness treatments include TempSure® Vitalia & Mona Lisa Touch®. Dry Needling pain management and Pelvic Floor Therapy are also available at Memorial MedSpa.

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