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New Transitional Care Program partnership Expected to Benefit West Central Illinois, Northearst Missouri and Southeast Iowa Region Patients

Memorial Hospital in Carthage, Illinois announces a new partnership with Allevant Solutions, a joint venture between Mayo Clinic and Select Medical, to enhance the “swing bed” program at Memorial Hospital, called Transitional Care.

“Transitional Care is for patients who are well enough to leave a traditional hospital setting but still have nursing, therapy, or respiratory needs which are better met with resources most commonly found in a hospital,” said Annette Finlay, Director of Care Coordination at Memorial Hospital.  “Examples of these needs include frequent intravenous (IV) medications, wound care, special breathing treatments, or intensive physical, occupational, or speech therapy.  The new program is very exciting for rural areas in and around Hancock County because it means access to high-quality, and specialized care doesn’t involve a long road trip, but is instead close to home.”

To advance its Transitional Care program, Memorial Hospital partnered with Allevant Solutions, a joint venture of Mayo Clinic and Select Medical.  Modeled on the Mayo Clinic’s successful efforts in Wisconsin and Minnesota and created by Mayo pulmonologist and Allevant Medical Director, Mark Lindsay, M.D., the program is designed to provide access to high quality post-acute services to rural America, the most persistently underserved area of modern healthcare. 

“Hospital-based Transitional Care programs offer a number of important advantages over other post-acute options such as strong team culture, the ability to address sudden changes in condition with on-site physicians, radiology, and laboratory, and most importantly, a patient-centered approach which includes bedside rounds with the care team on a regular schedule.  Hospital-based Transitional Care is the ideal setting for patients with complex health conditions and post-acute needs.  By offering these services in rural hospitals, patients and families can get high quality post-acute care close to home rather than in more distant, larger communities,” Lindsay said.  “Memorial Hospital has the staff, the facilities, and the commitment to deliver exceptional Transitional Care.  We are excited to join Memorial Hospital on this journey to offer another post-acute care choice to residents of Hancock County and west central Illinois.”

Over the past several months, the Memorial Hospital staff have been implementing new advanced processes and participating in Allevant clinical education.  Most patients receiving this care at Memorial Hospital will be covered by the Medicare Swing Bed reimbursement program, although other insurers may participate as well.

“Memorial Hospital has offered a similar program for many years, but partnering with Allevant brings a new facet to the program,” says Florine Dixon, COO, RN, at Memorial Hospital.  "I am pleased to say that Memorial Hospital is able to provide gold-standard care and support for post-acute care patients.  For example, our program offers a low nurse to patient staffing ratio, an available Emergency Room provider and respiratory therapists on site, a hospitalist physician program, and a skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapy team.  As the nation's population ages, there will be an increasing need for facilities with the expertise and capability to care for patients with medically complex conditions.  We offer a high quality destination for post-acute care built upon a special combination of proven care processes, evidence-based practices, and small town teamwork and convenience.  You’ll receive excellent care, get to know everyone on your care team by name, and your loved one won’t get stuck in traffic when they come to visit,” added Dixon.  

Ada Bair, CEO of Memorial Hospital added, “Memorial is a community hospital committed to providing great care for those who live in and around Hancock County.  Our Transitional Care Program will allow patients from throughout the region to benefit from that same commitment, our proven record of quality, and our team model of care.”

To learn more about the Transitional Care Program at Memorial Hospital, call 217-357-8520 or go to mhtlc.org.

About Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital is dedicated to improving health by providing education and wellness programs and innovative services at all the stages of life.  Memorial Hospital is a 501(c)(3),  non-profit critical access hospital which employs over 200, offers emergency, surgical, imaging (x-ray), laboratory, transitional care, obstetrics, seven clinics throughout the region, specialty clinics and much more.  The hospital has served the residents of the Hancock County area since 1950. For more information, find us on the web at www.mhtlc.org

About Allevant Solutions

Allevant Solutions, LLC, developed by Mayo Clinic and Select Medical offers consulting services to rural hospitals and skilled nursing homes including methodologies, algorithms and processes which incorporate clinical services, quality improvement and business expertise developed by Mayo and Select Medical.  Through these services, Allevant enables its clients to increase the availability of post-acute care and also reduce the costs associated with providing the rehabilitative services that many patients need even after they have overcome a life-threatening illness or accident.

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