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Memorial Hospital Certified as Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital

Memorial Hospital has been recertified as an Emergent Stroke Ready hospital by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Earning the certification requires Memorial Hospital to meet the standards to support better outcomes by providing early intervention to stroke patients. The eligibility standards include: a dedicated stroke-focused program, qualified medical professionals trained in stroke care, and individualized care to meet stroke patients’ needs. 

Florine Dixon, Memorial Hospital’s COO stated, “We are very fortunate to receive this designation that enables us to provide early intervention for the region we serve. In stroke cases, there is a three-hour window of opportunity for the most successful treatment, so every minute counts. Without this certification at Memorial Hospital, patients could miss the opportunity to receive the immediate treatment for this life threatening condition, as these patients would need to travel to a hospital farther away.” As an Emergent Stroke Ready hospital, Memorial Hospital is certified, trained and ready to provide quality care to a stroke patient.

Memorial Hospital is dedicated to improving health by providing education and wellness programs and innovative services at all the stages of life.  Memorial Hospital is a 501(c)(3),  non-profit critical access hospital which employs over 200, offers emergency, surgical, imaging (x-ray), laboratory, obstetrics, seven clinics throughout the region, specialty clinics and much more.  The hospital has served the residents of the Hancock County area since 1950. For more information, find us on the web at www.mhtlc.org.

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