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Obstetrics - Stork Stopp

Obstetrics - Stork Stopp

We’re the Stork’s favorite Stopp.

Congratulations! You’re having a baby!

Whether you’re having your first baby or adding another sibling to your family, we know you may be feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness as you contemplate giving birth and caring for the new baby. We are here to help you have a safe and fulfilling birth, and we offer classes to help you prepare.



What makes Memorial Hospital the right place to give birth?

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Childbirth is a family experience at Memorial Hospital. We offer labor, delivery, recovery, and post-delivery birthing suites. These rooms provide mothers the comfort, convenience and security of experiencing labor, delivery and recovery in one comfortable room. Each spa-like room has a whirlpool bath plus all the features of home.

What kind of atmosphere can I expect?

Our private, spacious birthing suites are beautifully furnished and create a soothing atmosphere. After the delivery, new parents can enjoy quiet time with their baby and can also receive visitors as they desire. Babies remain with the family, and the entire staff supports the bonding of the family with its newest member.

We offer Roku device for your enhanced entertainment during your stay. You can now stream Netflix, Hulu or any other channels you subscribe to during your stay. 

What childbirth classes do you offer?

Childbirth Preparation Class is a six-hour Saturday class. In it, you will learn to manage the discomforts of labor by the use of comfort measures, breathing patterns, relaxation and medications. The goal is for you to discover how to make choices based on knowledge and understanding of the birth process and medical interventions. Classes are held at Memorial Hospital in the Board Room. 

For information and to register, call 217-357-8641.

The Big Brother Big Sister Class takes place by advanced reservation. It is designed to introduce children 3-8 to the Stork Stopp and the reality of a new baby. 

To register, call 217-357-8641.

How can you help me breastfeed successfully?

We are committed to helping all mothers who choose to breastfeed be successful in their choice. Read our breast feeding policy.

What other learning resources do you recommend?

  • New parent/family education resources "Click Here"
  • Sign up for the app text4baby and get helpful reminders of your appointments plus lots of information on a variety of pregnancy and infant care topics, including nutrition, safety, infant development, breastfeeding and much more.

To arrange a tour, call (217) 357-8641.

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