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Annual Campaign 2019 ~ Hidden in Plain Sight

Annual Campaign 2019 ~ Hidden in Plain Sight


Unaddressed mental health and family function issues are cited by experts as a root cause of
substance abuse in the vast majority of cases.
Counselors are presently working in two area high
schools with the goal of expanding into all county school systems to increase access to counseling
services and intervention before struggles become crises. the results thus far have been dramatic, with
school officials seeing a sharp reduction in the number of crisis evaluations/interventions required
for hancock County students. the majority ($45,000) of requested funds will be used to hire additional counselors to expand this program into all schools.

 The Hidden in Plain Sight parent education display is a model of a teen’s bedroom, containing many items that appear innocent, but are actually drug paraphernalia or red flags indicating substance use.  Some examples are the suntan lotion bottle that is actually a flask for alcohol, or the pringles can that has a cavity used to hide pills. Many kids start using at age 12 or 13, and this educational tool can help adults get engaged and become empowered by teaching them what to look for.

Requested funding in the amount of $5,500 is being used to purchase materials for walls, furnishings and paraphernalia items. Several individuals and local businesses have supported this project by donating or discounting needed items and materials. this display will be stored and transported in a 6 X 10 foot trailer and will be available to travel to adult and community groups throughout the region. trained members of the Addiction Coalition will accompany the display and explain items to those viewing the display.

Housing, Transportation and Food are sometimes needed for individuals awaiting admission to a rehabilitation facility. There is often a period of 2-3 days before a bed becomes available in a treatment facility. An individual seeking help may need meals, a safe place to stay, transportation and perhaps an admission fee to reduce the risk of relapse before entering treatment. $12,500 is being requested to support 25 individuals in this transitional period. 

Powerful speakers can make a significant impact on students by sharing their own life experiences. $5000 will provide funding for speaker’s fees and travel expenses.

With the generous support of the Memorial hospital Foundation HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT 2019 Campaign, the hancock County Addiction Coalition will continue to work to better educate the residents of Hancock County and the surrounding area to establish resources and support for those struggling with addiction.

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If you would like to give to this campaign please contact Greta Wetzel, Executive Director of Memorial Hospital Foundation call 217-357-8502 or email gwetzel@mhtlc.org

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