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About Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital is a vital force in establishing and maintaining the well-being of residents in western Illinois and eastern Iowa. Our history of quality, compassionate care springs from hometown pride and a commitment to excellence.
Hancock County faced an exciting set of circumstances in the post-World War II 1940s. Unparalleled optimism was sweeping the war-weary United States, and that confidence was reflected in the attitudes and actions of west central Illinois residents. Efforts had been launched in 1945 to advance plans for a new hospital (there was none in Hancock County) and by 1950, enough money was raised to open the doors of Memorial Hospital… so named for the local heroes who brought our country to victory.
Today, nearly six decades later, Memorial Hospital has written another chapter of service to the Hancock County community. The community celebrated the grand opening of a new facility in July 2009.
The new Memorial Hospital includes the 21st Century technology so critical to patient care, while reflecting the values and dedication to community that helped the original hospital open its doors in 1950. Designated as a Critical Access Hospital, it is locally owned by the people of Hancock County, and receives no income from local sales or property taxes. It is currently the second largest employer in Hancock County, with an annual payroll of $7 million.
Services available at Memorial Hospital include a 24/7 emergency room (with almost 4,000 visits per year), surgical procedures, medical imaging technology, OB deliveries, and several community clinics.
The legacy of dedication to the community continues, as Memorial Hospital perpetuates the vision of Hancock County leaders 60 years ago. The board of directors, medical staff, administration and employees of Memorial Hospital are proud to provide to the residents of Hancock County "Caring professionals…close to home."

Our Mission

Memorial Hospital is dedicated to improving health by providing education and wellness programs and innovative services at all stages of life.

Our Vision

Memorial Hospital will become the employer of choice and provider of choice of modern and innovative health care for the residents of our service area and will develop cooperative relationships with social service agencies and other health care providers.

Standards of Behavior


Strive to create a positive work environment through personal appearance and the appearance of the organization.

  • Adhere to the dress code policy
  • Wear ID badge at all times
  • Keep work areas clean and free of clutter


Listen attentively to patients, residents, guests and co-workers.

  • Smile and introduce yourself
  • Use appropriate terms that can be understood
  • Invite questions and answer them completely


Treat our patients, residents, guests and co-workers with the utmost respect, dignity, courtesy and confidentiality.

  • Treat all others as I would want me or my family member to be treated
  • Show kindness and be willing to help
  • Respect the values, privacy, property and confidentiality of others
  • Recognize and respect the cultural differences, beliefs and viewpoints of others
  • Treat co-workers as professionals deserving courtesy, honesty and respect
  • Assume the best and speak positively about others
  • Show respect for co-workers by openly discussing concerns as they arise


Serve patients, residents and guests with the utmost care and courtesy.

  • Acknowledge others and greet people in a friendly manner
  • Anticipate patient and resident needs
  • Apologize immediately if we disappoint a patient or resident
  • Remember that every patient, resident, family member and visitor is special
  • Take care of all requests as quickly as possible

Ownership and Accountability

I take pride in acting as an owner of this organization. I accept accountability for that ownership.

  • Anticipate and exceed the needs of our guests
  • Accept responsibility for my actions
  • Take pride in the organization as if I owned it
  • Represent our organization positively in the community

Our employees have read and understand the Standards of Behavior. They agree to comply with and practice them at all times.

If you have questions about our standards of behavior call Ada Bair, President and CEO, at extension 8566.